RandMcnally “Truckers GPS”

default RandMcnally Truckers GPS

The new rand mcNally gps system built just for truckers. this is just a tour to show you some of the many applications that are such an essential tool for a truck drivers every day life!
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    Comments (2)

    1. blackcah says:

      great video thinking about getting a gps for truckers, not yet too sure which to buy the rand mcnally or worldnav , any advise which of the two is a better buy or a better product

    2. jbuecker71 says:

      O bought a tnd 700 and was pressed with all the great features. But the routing is absolutly a joke . I drive a comercial vehicle
      And it send you right down restricted roads low clearences and ridiculous routes . I returned it . Buy a worldnav. It’s the only way to go sorry Rand Mcnally but your product sucks.

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