New or Used Pallet Trucks

New or Used Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks are available to buy brand new and in a ‘used’ condition. There are different benefits and disadvantages to both sides.

New Pallet Trucks

Having a brand new pallet truck for your company is great as you will have bought it with at least a 12 month guarantee if anything is faulty or breaks, the pallet truck will be ne and clean and sparkling, and you don’t have to worry about whether it is going to last because its straight out of the packaging. The only real downside to buying new pallet trucks is the cost. You will pay a lot more for a new pallet truck than you will for a ‘used’ one.

‘Used’ Pallet Trucks

Buying a ‘used’ pallet truck will be at a lower cost than if you are to buy a brand new one however here are many drawbacks. You are never 100% sure the history of the pallet truck, the seller is obviously going to want to sell you the pallet truck and so may not inform you of all the breakdowns it has had, or how much it has been used and whether or not it is a good quality pallet truck. ‘Used’ pallet trucks because they are older tend to be louder in operation, require more repair and maintenance and will not last as long. The key to buying a ‘used’ pallet truck is to buy it from a reputable dealer or sales person this will give you more re-assurance that what you are being sold is what they say it is and if you have any problems you can take it back to them for a repair or refund.

Pallet Trucks

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